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B.Sc. in Environmental Technologies Engineering

Environmental Technologies engineering is used today within technologies, engineering tools, and modern research, in order to care for the environment, for nature resources, and for processes connected to them and in essence, for our existence. The field enables a combination of career and contribution to our quality of life and existence while preserving water sources, preventing land and air pollution, and other resources and reducing other types of pollution, treatment of waste and spills, improving polluted manufacturing processes, and using clean and renewable energy.

B.Sc. in Environmental Technologies Engineering

The growing awareness of environmental issues by citizens, private companies, local authorities and governments, as well as the large resources allocated for it, present countless challenges within this important field, such as dealing with water and spills, desalination, air pollution and its prevention, proper use of energy, and others.  Environmental technologies engineering studies train graduates  to deal with these challenges through improving upon existing technologies and developing new ones.

The Environmental Technologies Engineer 

The environmental technologies engineer is required to identify and find various engineering solutions in the field of environment while determining goals of treating environmental disasters, planning and developing technological solutions to problems of environmental pollution and developing monitoring systems. For an environmental technologies engineer, there is a variety of job opportunities within the private, public, and municipal sectors in Israel, including many start-ups in the environmental field and the industry which serves it, in the management and operations of various systems, and the possibility of integrating into the decision-making processes of corporations and companies, as well as focusing on research and advancing within an academic career toward advanced degrees.

Environmental Technologies Engineering Studies

The study program focuses on the Water-Energy Nexus and promotes initiatory thinking and management – business abilities, in addition to classic environmental engineering.  The program includes a combination of basic science and an engineering background with professional multi-disciplinary courses in environmental engineering, such as the challenge of water purification, environmental project management, energy resources, gas drilling, harnessing solar energy, producing clean energy, waste, and others. In the fourth year of the program, students facilitate a final project within the industry, for example, planning a system of water desalination, planning a water purification plant, producing energy from microorganisms and more.

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